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Circle of Porcelain is an installation of links individual pieces that reference the dimensions of Sue Paraskeva's body. Paraskeva draws on traditional porcelain techniques to produce finely thrown vessels that often refer to personal and political issues

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Broken, Cleft, Thrown and Planed, 2017 by Sebastian Cox and Sue Paraskeva. Porcelain and silver. English elm and coppiced chestnut. Photography: By the artist.

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Every Day Three Women Die at the Hands of Someone Who Supposedly Loves Them, 2017  COLLECT at Saatchi Gallery with CAA Gallery

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Broken, shown as part of Aspex’s 2016 Craft Emergency is made up of over 60 pieces. Each individual piece was thrown with the weight of the human heart and lungs.

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Blood Cells. Porcelain and Birch Ply, Ryde Community Clinic, NHS Commission 2015, 1 m x 0.75 m

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The Beach. Porcelain, Stoneware and Birch Ply, Ryde Community Clinic, NHS Commission 2015, 2 m x 1 m

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Christmas Tree Aspex Gallery 2008

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Throwing Rings, side daylight 2008

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Sunburst, Quay Arts Centre, 2004 photo Steve Thearle