All tableware is finely thrown and reduction fired in a gas kiln. Work is available in three finishes; a pure white porcelain, a light grey speckle and darker speckle mix of stoneware and recycled porcelain. Work is glazed inside for functionality with an unglazed exterior. Bowls are altered to sit at a slight angle. Dishwasher safe.

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One Off Porcelain Plates for Tom Kerridge at The Hand and Flowers, Marlow  2015-2017

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Bowls 16 cm x 7 cm

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Bowls 16 cm x 7 cm, Plates 26 cm and 21 cm

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Beakers 9 cm x 9 cm

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Grey Speckled Porcelain Beaker 9 cm x 9 cm, Short Beaker 9 cm x 6 cm

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Porcelain Plates 26 cm, 21 cm, 16 cm

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Porcelain Tableware Plates 26 cm and 21 cm, Bowls 16 cm x 7 cm and 14 cm x 7 cm

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